Orlando’s Milk District Main Street improvement initiative recently launched a call to artists to beatify utility boxes with original art by local artists. A design by TKO’s art directer Nicki Drumb was one of the proposed designs chosen.

As a Milk District resident, Nicki wanted to connect the “MILK” to two leaders who continually inspire her to “improve myself and the world around me”: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (aka MLK) and Harvey Milk.

Nicki and her wife, TKO’s creative operations manager Rachel Gardiner set about painting the utility box at the southeast corner of Central Boulevard and Bumby Avenue in January, where it is currently seen by thousands of people every day.

As we reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his assassination 50 years ago, this creative homage inspires us to keep the dream alive that Dr. King passionately advocated.