In 2005 CNL launched a new real estate investment trust centered around recreation and lifestyle properties. The objective with the launch campaign was to inform broker/dealers about the innovative REIT concept and provide them with the tools to sell the REIT in order to generate a large influx of cash. The challenge was to appeal to a generation about to retire that didn’t see itself as growing old or slowing down.

Instead of following the conservative tone of the parent brand, CNL Financial Group, we proposed taking the under-utilized orange hue from their logo and boldly featuring it as the primary brand color for the new REIT, lending a powerful expression of energy, vibrancy and sunny optimism.

For the launch we created a custom broker kit that delivered the message, “Wake Up To Income.” The kit was delivered to 20,000 financial advisors all across the nation and held an introductory letter, a branded alarm clock, a custom package of coffee and several investor kits. The campaign message to investors was “Income for the Time of Your Life.” Rich in imagery that communicated the lifestyle benefits of investing in this fund, the messaging was delivered through print collateral, interactive CDs, direct mail and website.

The roll-out of CNL Income Properties was one of the most successful REIT launches in CNL’s history, and the company grew exponentially in assets under management following this campaign.