Hopefully you’ve noticed the added bit of color running along the rails in Central Florida recently. Specifically, the SunRail rails.

On March 16, SunRail unveiled the “Art Is Moving” project to showcase works by regional artists on the exterior and interior of one of its passenger cars. The project was born out of an original idea presented by one of our own art directors, Nicki Drumb. Her vision was that SunRail would become a truly “moving” exhibit and pop-up traveling performance space, exposing Central Floridians to visual art and performance endeavors across the region, while at the same time encouraging more people to embrace public transportation.

Although Drumb received a $1,000 “micro” grant from The Awesome Foundation, pulling the project together was a much more “macro” endeavor. “The original pricing we got back to dress out the windows and tables and meet FDOT regulations came in at $10,000, for just one car,” said Rachel Gardiner, Nicki’s wife, AIM collaborator and TKO’s creative operations manager. “We then had to reach out to artists for submissions, oversee judging and secure additional funding… and fast in order to meet our ambitious goal launch date.”

Through the efforts of several organizations, including SunRail, FDOT, United Arts of Central Florida and with generous private funding, the eye-catching Art Is Moving car debuted on March 16 – just in time for all of the art enthusiasts riding the rails to the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.

Nicki says the long term “AIM” for Art Is Moving is for multiple train cars to be a revolving exhibition with different artists and themes every few months. The first exhibit’s theme, “We’re All Connected” features artwork from 22 area artists – including four pieces from three of our TKO team! Be sure to LIKE the Art Is Moving Facebook page to keep up with what’s moving.

So keep an eye out for this special SunRail car as it adds even more color to the Central Florida scene. You’re sure to be moved!