2016 TKO Holiday Card

TKO is proud to announce that our 2016 holiday card, “Bees On Earth, Good Will Toward All” earned a coveted Silver ADDY Award in the category of Advertising Industry Self-Promotion.

As with all our projects it was a real team effort, but in this case also a bit of a global effort. It started when co-owners Ginger Kane and Mark Terry decided that instead of typical gift-giving to our clients, vendors and partners, this year they wanted to pay it forward. “What about bee hives?” Beekeeping means sustainable income for small farmers and families, and bees are also important pollinators for a healthy planet. We felt that making donations on behalf of our clients to Heifer International’s “Share A Bee” program would prove to be a meaningful way to share the abundance that has blessed us with those who most need it.

TKO’s senior designer Nicki Drumb went to work on buzz-worthy graphic design and copywriting, supervised by Matt Merkel’s creative direction and Thiany Srihanouvong’s artful guidance. Creative Operations Manager Rachel Gardiner worked hard to ensure the best possible production of this custom die-cut piece as well as coming up with the added touch of custom postage stamps with Nicki’s original bee illustration printed on them.

We are fortunate that so many of the companies we work with are conscientious and civic-minded and would receive the card’s “P.S. We gave your present to someone else” message in a light-hearted and positive way.

Giving is receiving… We are inspired daily by our clients’ goals and commitment, as well as by each other here at TKO. These interdependent relationships are reflected in the concept of this card/gift and we are thrilled that AAF–Orlando recognized a creative endeavor so near and dear to our hearts.